Uploading Sketch to Pro mini clone

Hi guys,

New here just trying to upload a sketch to Pro mini clone using ftdi, looks like it uploads when plugged

into computer USB, program works on board while plugged in to PC fine but once unplugged and on 9v

battery power does nothing. Board name/info does not show in Arduino says to upload a sketch to get

the info.

Any help appreciated.

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Where have you connected the 9V and what sort of battery?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

HI Tom,

Thank you for your reply

The 9V battery is connected as per the attached diagram, I can post pics of my actual circuit later if



Circuit.pdf (208 KB)

OPs circuit.

Tom… :slight_smile:

What sort of battery?
Like this?

They do not have the capacity or the current capability to run your circuit.

Do you have a DMM to measure some voltages?
Does the power LED on the Pro Mini light up on the battery?

Tom... :slight_smile:

Hi Tom,

The circuit has been made and tested i am just replicating it

Power lights light up on board when on battery and LED in circuit flashes white once only.

I do have a DMM to measure some voltages but would need to do this later as the circuit is at


So as far as I know the PP3 9V should provide enough power for the circuit to operate.



Hi Guys,

I have now sorted this tied the RX pin to ground now when battery is installed program auto runs.

Many thanks for the replies though.