Uploading Sketches Programmatically

Hi all,

I am looking at interfacing the Ardunio Duemilinove with MS windows. What I would like to to do is upload a sketch programmatically over USB through the application once the Ardunio is connected serially.

I would like to do what the supplied JAVA compiler / uploader program is doing within my own program. I would like to precompile a sketch and then programmatically upload it on the fly in my C# or whatever language Windows based program over the serial. I've looked at the Ardunio IDE open source JAVA code and am struggling to identify the code that does this. Although I believe the stk500 protocol has something to do with this. Can anybody shed some light on serially uploading a new HEX sketch to the ardunio over USB on windows using any type of windows language?

Many Thanks


To upload the IDE spawns a program named AVRDUDE.EXE. Run the IDE. Load or write a simple Sketch. Hold the shift key while you click Upload. The AVRDUDE command line should appear in the status area.


Thank you very much for your response. In this light and based on another post I made I guess this is the best route to take. What has caused me to look further was some work this guy did:


It is certainly an alternative and translatable but no fullproof.