uploading sketches with a simple rf transciever

i am making a 256 color pov display and i want to upload sketches wirelessly to the arduino cuz its on a rotating assembly. i dont want to use xbee. i want to upload sketches via a simple rf transceiver pair. The problem is that i only have tx and rx pins on that but to upload a sketch i have to reset the arduino first and i dont have a pin available on transceiver for that. can u guys plz suggest a solution that how can i reset the arduino wirelessly b4 transmitting the sketch serially. never mind my bad english ;)

Why upload all of the code using the IDE, when you could just upload the text to be displayed?

Well to support the arduino auto-reset function needed to wirelessly upload sketches your wireless link has to support a least one control signal as well as the basic send and rec signals. That puts a limit on how 'simple' a RF link would work for that application. And also make sure any 'simple' RF link can handle the baudrate used by the newest arduino Uno and mega2560 boards that use 115,200 baudrate, again not usually supported in cheap RF modules.

So it can be done, there have been examples posted over time of people building wireless links that allow wireless uploading from the arduino IDE, however they weren't based on inexpensive wireless modules.

I think the latest device to support wireless Arduino uploading is the Pololu Wixel devices:


And that is a good price for the two needed wireless modules and a shield for the remote arduino.