Uploading the INO files and Libraries other then the IDE Software?

Hello i have a Question i made a project from a while ago and gave it to a friend of mine once in a while i like to update the sketch and libraries when i can problem is i live way to far from my friend to do this almost 7 hours away. Is it possible to upload a new INO and libraries files. over the internet or maybe From a Sd card i can send him the sd card would be nice. But not sure If it is possible I researched a few things online and found some Dual boots from SD card or something called TFTP for internet But got a lot of mixed results on everything. I just trying to get a General idea on how can program something like this. Can someone help me out to understand this please? Thank you.

Your friend either needs a PC that he can connect to the board, or he needs a Standalone Programmer that can load a sketch from an SD card. I offer a couple versions of those.
As long as your project does not have other device outputs on SCK, MISO, MOSI when Reset is hold low by the Programmer, he will be all set:

Hello crossroads The problem is that he knows nothing about arduino or uploading sketches from IDE. The project i made for him is a Temperature sensor and a few web interface buttons that can turn on and off things so a little over time i add a few new features for him and usually i go there and hook up some new wires. I would like to somehow send him everything he needs for the new features and somehow send him a Sd card to put everything on the sd card without having to go there.

Hello CrossRoads Yes that might be a problem there is Ethernet shield on the project.

One option (among many) would be to send him a "program" which does all the compiling and uploading without him needing to know anything.

Have a look at the short Python program in this link. It calls the Arduino IDE to compile and upload the program. It would be straightforward to put everything in a directory on an SD card and make the Python program executable so he just has to double-click it. If your friend has the JVM installed on his PC you could even include the Arduino IDE on the SD Card.


Hello Robin that might be a problem I'm going to have to go there and setup that for him. Well i have to go there to make the changes anyhow. So it kind of would be hard well one other thing his computer is not in the same room as the project. Also the project is also hard to get to i just left out a Sd card to record some logging stuff. But I will also look into it.

The ethernet shield use a slave select, yes? It is pulled high by a resistor when Reset is asserted?

Well right now there is a Ethernet shield on the arduino board that Ethernet has a Sd card on it. also D5,D6,D7, and D8 are taking up at the moment.

5-6-7-8 don't matter, only that nothing will interfere on 11-12-13 when the Programmer asserts Reset takes control of the 3 pins.

Other then the Ethernet shield which is on 10,11,12,13.