Uploading TinyUSB vs Arduino UNO

This is a simple question, but I am afraid at this point of the answer...

Question is This..... Once I use the TinyUSB to program a ATmega328 on a UNO board why can I not revert back to program the chip again on the UNO board alone without using the TinyUSB?

Do I need to use the TinyUSB at this point (I can re-program via the TinyUSB, but not just the Arduino software alone) ? Is it just a matter of baud rate (I've tried a few), me thinkst......


You've likely wiped out the bootloader so serial downloading capability is gone until a bootloader is reinstalled.

Thank you CrossRoads for a reply... Actually I did re-install the bootloader (via the tinyusbisp)... It seems that the moment you do anything with the tinyusbisp to upload to the chip you can never revert back to (uploading) via the UNO.... The program on the chip still works and I can upload day and night via the TinyUSB, but not UNO. The one thing that I did notice is that the TinyUSB uploaded so much faster that it did with the UNO... This is why I was asking about baud rate..., tried several in the preferences.txt but no joy so far.

It just seems there is conflicting information..., or it could be just simply my lack of knowledge on something here.... I'm hoping I have that ah ha moment.