Uploading to a Melzi Sanguino board

Maybe a ridiculous question, but I am starting to believe that my sketch doesn't actually get received by the board, even though the IDE completes with "uploading done". How can I verify? The Melzi board doesn't seem to flash an led during the process.


If there aren't any errors shown in the upload or compile process, then the code you upload has been written to the chip.

There may be some other problem preventing things from working - but the code is on the chip's flash. When you upload, it writes the code, and then reads the contents of the flash and ocmpares it with what it tried to upload to make sure that what it uploaded matches what you told it to.

So, just blind trust?

So, just blind trust?

It's not blind trust. you can even turn on Verbose Upload, and watch the progress bar while it verifies. I'm not sure what more you could want. There is no physical way that the verification could succeed if the code had not been written to the flash. If you were super paranoid, you could use avrdude from the command line and dump the contents of the chip - but this is the same thing the IDE does.

Upload a sketch to make it do something obvious - like blink or something, and make sure it's blinking the pin you think it is (be aware that there are several pin mapping options for the ATmega x4's, at least two of them widely used, make sure you're using the right one, and that the LED is connected to the pin you think it is). Or have it output data via serial.

Ok, will stay with it and try to get my head wrapped around it. Thanks.

I have now tried to do a #define CUSTOM_MACHINE_NAME "xxx" and no change on my lcd display. I'm convinced that the files are not getting uploaded, but not a clue how to fix the problem. >:(

Sending M119 also confirms that the firmware does not get uploaded.