Uploading to multiple boards with multiple windows

The global settings for comm port and board in the arduino IDE are ridiculous!

This is why it's a difficult task during wireless communications:

Verify server's window is in foreground (normal task). Verify the correct comm port is selected for server (global setting). Verify the correct type of board is selected for server (global setting). Upload.................. (done with server)

Select the window for client 1 (normal task). Change comm port to client 1 (global setting). Change board type to client 1 (global setting). Upload.................. (done with client 1)


Sketch didn't run correctly... So now the process has to be repeated. Comm and board settings have to be changed back to server again.

If the global settings for comm port and board type were changed to window specific settings, life would be MUCH easier!

Also if someone were to want to upload to board 2 while board 1 is still uploading, that would be nice as well.

IMHO the best fix for this issue is to get rid of the IDE. With makefiles you can specify whatever you want.

Cheers, Udo