Uploading to Nano

Suddenly, I can't upload to the Nano I have been using in a project development for some time. So I swapped it out but no go. I swapped that out again but no go and so I swapped it once again but no go.

Until now when I upload, the Tx/Rx and the blue led flickered. Now nothing happens and the Nano carries on doing what it was doing before. Have I forgotten or missed something?

I've checked the Com Port and Checked in Device Manager (win7/64) and checked the driver but it seems right although the Serial Monitor doesn't work either!

Hi Adrifran39

With almost 100 posts under your belt I would have thought by now you know that error messages and extra details mean a great deal in here to getting a good response and possibly an answer that fixes things.

None of us can see what you see so maybe add all those missing bits in your next post ?

There aren't any error messages or I'd have mentioned them!

Do you have VERBOSE turned on in the IDE ?

Can you see it in device manager (assuming windows) ?

If you cannot see it in device manager is there any hardware with warnings in device manager that you can see ?

Is there or was there anything connected to the board (schematics needed is there was) ?

etc. etc. etc.

Each of the four Nanos come up as USB_SERIAL CH340 (cOM4) in Device Manager

I have been using the original Nano to develop a greenhouse controller and have come to a point where the sketch is near complete so I took everything off the breadboard and returned to a problem I had with using more than one Dallas temperature sensor, using the DS18x20 temperature sketch in Examples. That was when I discovered the Nano had gone deaf like myself! The red led flashes slowly in the replacement Nanos and very quickly in the original one (indicating the program is running?).

There are no error messages even in verbose

I did notice that the Programmer indicated in the Tools menu was AVRISP Mk2, I changed it to ArduinoISP but it made no difference.

I expected that the serial monitor would run even if a sensor wasn’t connected to D10 but it’s blank.

Schematic of how they were connected ? ( schematic required still )
Did you at any time use an external PSU ? ( schematic required if you did, with voltages clearly marked )
Which version of the IDE ?
Which version of boards package ?
Which examples as I don’t see the DS18b20 in the standard example list which would indicate you downloaded a package and have forgotten to tell anyone from where and which etc. ??

As you were. There are some error reports which I don't understand.

at jssc.SerialPort.removeEventListener(SerialPort.java:1064)

at jssc.SerialPort.closePort(SerialPort.java:1090)

at processing.app.Serial.dispose(Serial.java:141)

... 4 more

Cripes, ballscrewbob. Its a rather large program! I've had this before and it's a problem. However, the peripheral modules are gone now and it seems irrelevant when three of the Nanos are new though a supply of about 7 volts was used at some point on the correct pin.

IDE is 1.6.6. What do you mean by boards package? The test sketch I am using is found under oneWire.

OK no pics or schematics or logs despite repeated requests.
Im out.

Thanks for your help screwballbob, A comment on the rroe reporsts might have proved helpful but with your attitude …

and in departing this thread on good spirits...

I can confirm for you that yes those are indeed error messages.
However they seem to be lacking in source or other detail yet again..

Hence proving a point and the very good reason I had to leave this thread