Uploading to the Arduino Board (Vista)

I can't seem to run any kind of source code on my Arduino (it's a Duemilanove). What happens is that I connect it, and then I start uploading code. The TX led on the Arduino blinks to indicate the loading, but it doesn't stop blinking until I reset it - and it's gone blinking for a good 5 minutes :'(

At first I thought I was writing my own code wrong, so I tried running some of the Digital code examples on the board; it doesn't work either. I'm also running into a problem installing and uninstalling Arduino, so can't use that option. (I have Windows Vista).

So... any ideas to help this newbie? :-[

installing/uninstalling arduino is just downloading the folder or deleting it - there's no windows install/uninstall. what problem are you having?

for your upload, I understand that you canrun the ide and compile load but when you try to upload it the IDE just sits there while the arduino's TX led blinks - right?

First, unplug the arduino cable from the PC and look at the tools/serial port menu, then plug in the arduino and open tools/port again. you should see a new port for the arduino - right? Make sure that's the one you're selecting. Now describe exactly what leds light up when you try the upload.

Make sure you've got the latest drivers for it by the way.