Uploading to the arduino board

Hello Arduino community.

I really like the arduino platform, its a great way to make prototypes. I find myself, however, sometimes frustrated with my one single greatest problem. Being unable to upload.

Today my laptop with linux on it suddenly couldn't see the port to which the arduino was connected. I tried all usb ports, also as root/super user, but it did not work. I have had the same problems on Windows. Its the kind of problem, that all of a sudden fixes itself, but usually first at the point where you are sitting in a corner crying cutting your wrists in a state of frustration and anger.

my question is, what is it that happens when the software suddenly stops recognising that a device is plugged in? and is there a way to fix it?

well try this and post the result
Disconnect the arduino USB cable
open terminal and do this:
tail -f /var/log/messages

Now connect the usb cable and you must see the window moving and telling what device was connected (something like “/dev/ttyUSB0”

hit control c to stop

This just probe the system is recognizing your board.Now open arduino IDE and make sure you select the right port and try upload an example sketch

Since you also tell in windows sometimes wont work eider it could be a USB problem too…