uploading via Bluetooth

When my dead was cleaning the house he was so crude to kick the USB cable of my weather station so hard, the usb connector came lose. And as my weather station is powered over ethernet in my back yard.. it would be convenient for me to upload programs via bluetooth. The program still needs some tweeking

I want to use a USB-serial converter or other arduino board with a master module on the PC side and a slave module on the weather station side.

What I don't know:

  1. What is the baudrate used during programming.
  2. What do I need to do with the reset pin on the slave side. I know from programming an atmega328 on a home made PCB that I had to connect the reset via a capacitator to my usb-serial converter.
  3. if I get the slave side to work properly can I succesfully upload a program via usb-ttl + BT to the weatherstation.

Hello this is how i did it on pro mini:https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=348546.0

There is no need for a special master module on the pc side just a ordinary bluetooth adapter on the computer side and the bt module on the other.

For the badurate just look in the boards.txt file this is from uno: uno.name=Arduino Uno uno.upload.protocol=arduino uno.upload.maximum_size=32256 uno.upload.speed=115200

if your upload speed are 115200 you have to set the bluetooth adapter to that instead, AT + BAUD8 is 115200

Here is how I do it on an arduino mega:


However, those Bluetooth modules are class 2 devices, so range is limited to 10-20 meters

tnx I know enough :wink: