Uploading: Windows works -- Ubuntu9.1 Does't

I have followed the steps and continue to have problems uploading to my arduino when using ubuntu. Windows never gave me trouble with this board.

On Ubuntu it is also common for my mouse to stop working when I plug in the arduino.

I am bewildered and confused.

Please help.

I am using 0018.

I am seeing the ftdi in the terminal when I type lsusb

When I plug it in the arduino ide sometimes sees it, sometimes not.

very soon (minutes) the mouse locks up.

are the libftdi kernel modules installed? Have you restarted after installing them? Are you running ubuntu inside VirtualBox (I have read about a similar problem for this)?

Thanks for your reply!

No, I am not using virtual box.

I just installed the libftdi and restarted -- the moose stopped working again and needed to restart. I mean the mouse stopped working. As far as I know the moose is working just fine.

Earlier I removed brltty.

I am wondering if the mouse has an ftdi in it and is cause the lock ups.

Any other usb things I should try or look for?

I am still having trouble - I upgraded to ubuntu 10.04, I reinstalled the arduino package.

I also plugged in the arduino on a different usb bus from everything else.

At one time I managed to have it work long enough to upload a blinky program (one I wrote) and it worked. A minute later it lost the usb connection and then the mouse locked up.

I am running out of things to try. Can someone give me some tips on dealing with ftdi usb problems on linux??

I am now using a PS2 mouse – but I am still have trouble.

Could someone please spell out in an idiot proof set of instruction, exactly what do I need to do to make arduino 0018 work on ubuntu?

I have ubuntu 10.04. I do see the ftdi show up when I lsusb in the terminal. I do not see it in the arduino 0018 settings.

I made sure my account has all the admin privleges.

I am totally out of ideas.


Sounds like you have a hardware conflict of some sort. I have used Ubuntu 9.10 and now I am running Ubuntu 10.04 and I haven't had any issue at all.

Have you checked Ubuntu forum to see if anyone had experienced similar problems like yours? Without knowing the full hardware configuration, it would be pretty difficult to pinpoint the problem.