Uplod to board problem; Maxuino Arduino_0012

Edit: Works whit Arduino_0011!


I am trying to uplode the Pd_firmware.pde from the maxuino-004 page from http://www.parasitaere-kapazitaeten.net/max_msp/pduino_for_max.

I am geting this message when trying to uplode to a diecimila bord whit Audino_0012 mac osx:

o: In function loop':</mark> <mark>undefined reference to timer0_overflow_count’o:/Users/terje/Downloads/
more undefined references to `timer0_overflow_count’ follow

only halfway help :)

Hi. Right after posting then help the post over I come on that maybe I should try to use the Audino_009 since it had bin tested whit it. And ther it uploaded yust fine :)

Hi Terje--

Unfortunately, the code you reference depends on some unpublished implementation details from Arduino 0011 (and earlier). In particular, it depends on the system counter timer0_overflow_count, which doesn't exist in Arduino 0012.

You might try replacing all the references to "timer0_overflow_count" with "timer0_millis", but I don't guarantee that that works. The real solution will be to rewrite the pduino code.


Thanks for the informasjon Mikal. I wil download and try the audino_0011 and the "timer0_millis" in audino_0012.

Edit: it works to uplode in the Audino_0012 when changing to "timer0_milis". And Audino_0011 worked yust fine.

I am so new to Audino and Max/Msp I wil for now use Audino_0011.

You're welcome!

I would recommend using Arduino 0012 instead of 0011, if possible. There are several nice new features and a couple of important bug fixes in this release.


I had a quick look at the PD code and it looks like :

timer0_overflow_count variable should be removed and replaced by a call to the millis() function

This should work in all arduino versions, but I don't use PD so am not best placed to make the change and test it. I suggest someone that is familiar with the PD code could make the fix.