ups datasheet reading

hi everyone, i have this ups specs below, and i want to know how to interpret it in order to for me to determine how much power will it consume . tnx !

Product Specification : Emerson Liebert itON PSA600H-BX
Part Number : PSA600H-BX

Technology : AVR Technology
Capacity : 600VA / 360 Watts
Input Voltage : 162VAC - 290VAC
Output Voltage : 230 +/- 10%
Power Factor : 0.6
Management : No
Input Connections : 1
Output Connections : 4 IEC C13 Outlets

do you have a link to the datasheet?
did you mail the manufacturer?

It should consume load + a small amount of power for trickle-charging
in normal operation. After a power outage it will consume considerably
more if it endeavours to rapid-charge in that circumstance.

Since its limited to 360W I can't see this being an issue unless you've a bunch
of them sharing a supply?