UPS Power monitoring

So I'm not much of a coder but I am a tinkerer. I have an old HP Power Wise L600 that I resurrected and put new batteries in. It has a DB9 serial port on the back that was meant to be connected to a computer serial port to monitor the power and do shutdown with the software HP used to provide (HP Power Wise Assistant). Well the software is no longer available and probably wouldn't work on today's computers anyway. Has anyone ever been successful in reading the data from one of these UPS's? what type of code would be required to read the serial data coming from the UPS?

Thanks in advance...

Seems you're not much of a "Googler" either. 10 seconds into it and I found this page. Good luck. Leo..

@ Leo so I asked for assistance not disrespect, you gave me both. Thank you for the assistance, but I refuse to be disrespected regardless of my abilities. The Internet is not a place to air your arrogance or a playground to feed your inferiority complex!!

Another snow flake!

Lol ... it actually says in the forum guidelines to search for your solution first ...