[URGENT] Comunication GPRS


I'm developing a project that needs GPRS communication to consume a webservice and retrive data. Does someone have or know code to do this?

Is it me or this comunication is really slow? Especially when we have to rely on this type on communication?

Thanks in advance!!

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I would advise you to use Hilo module from Sagem.

Libelium designed a board to use it arduino compatible.

HiLo module http://www.cooking-hacks.com/index.php/arduino-gprs-module.html

Nem model they have with SIM900, this i don´t know... http://www.cooking-hacks.com/index.php/gprs-quadband-module-sim900-for-arduino.html


Thanks for the reply!! :)

I've got the Hilo module. But seems to me that tutorials I found only teach to send data to a Webservice but I do cannot find anything about gettting data from it.

Other issue its that this connection seems to be pretty slow.

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Yes it is a little bit slow but is one of the most robust modules i have tested.

We are using it to exchange big files and it takes some time to do so...

Well lets say that I want the GPRS modeulo to ask to the webservice if it can enter the system and I would have 5 seconds to do it.

Could it possible? I’m just wondering because if it is too slow I’m thinking to swicth to RJ45.

Well, it depends on the way you build the webservice.

To exchange small data, like login or small messages, i don´t see why it shouldn´t work.

But RJ45 would definitely be faster...

If you describe your application better, maybe we can help more

Maybe this idea is better :


for example...