Urgent help for accelerometer based mouse using arduino

Hello, As a final year engineering project our group has opted to design an "accelerometer based mouse" using an Arduino board. As it is the beginning of our project we have more questions than answers. We would like to be given directions in which to head towards, topics that need to be covered in order make this project a reality.

So far, we have managed to procure an accelerometer MMA7361 breakout board and connected it to the Arduino and have managed to obtain readings on the output serial monitor. We are considering whether to use the arduino as a HID device or use the default FTDI chips. Please let us know what to choose and how to choose it. A few links on the subject would also do a world of good. One more thing is the breakout board we have ordered from sparkfun. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9652 The question is do we have to add capacitors as mentioned in the schematic or can we directly connect the accelerometer to the Arduino without any external components?

This is our first instance of using the Arduino and hence we request you people to pardon us if we have made any mistakes in asking the question.

Appears that there are caps already on the breakout board.

Interface back to the PC - your call. I’d start with just pumping the movement commands out, and figuring out what to do with them.

Which Arduino do you have? Only the older ones now use the FTDI chip.
Later models use ATMega8U2 or 16U2 programmed to handle the USB/Serial interface. These can be reprogrammed for other uses.

You can reprogram the USB chip on the newest Arduinos as already mentioned, look into the LUFA libraries and code examples.

As this is not a very complex task, I'm assuming you mean it's a high school final year project.

Yeah , like macegr said its not difficult at all to make an accelerometer based mouse,expand ur project,try to make it wireless,and try to make akeyboard too.. see this project,read its report,these guys have done it excellently.. http://vusb.wikidot.com/project:wishabi

We are making a wireless accelerometer mouse too.