Hi People,

I need an urgent help for my project that required me to send message via python pyserial bluetooth to Arduino. My arduino is working well, that one i can say. But my python keep sending wrong data via bluetooth to my arduino. Anyone have any codes to help me?

Most of us don't provide code. If you show us your attempt, we might be able to help you figure out what is wrong. We need to see both sides.

You possibly posted this in the wrong section; there is a dedicated section for interfacing with the computer. That section also has a sticky at the top called "Demo of PC-Arduino comms using Python"; maybe that will help.

You can report your post to a moderator using the link "report to moderator" under your post and ask it to be moved.

What does "URGENT" mean? Do you want us to answer your question ahead of others that are already in the queue? That's not nice.

Have a look at this Python - Arduino demo

It may need a little modification if you are using Python 3 as it was written with 2.7


PS ... the OP sent me a PM complaining about my use of the word "queue". I'm quite sure he knew that I know there is no actual queue like at a supermarket checkout. It was his use of the word "URGENT" to get preferential treatment that I was complaining about.

EDIT to try to make some sense of a very confusing situation. It appears that somebody else who has (at the moment) made no Posts sent me the PM complaining about the word "queue" and I (reasonably, I think) jumped to the conclusion that the PM had come from the OP.

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