I have the project about temperature. But i don't know how to make the interface to visual basic and make database and graphics time to time... please help me give me direction about this...



The best way to get help is not to shout. Try removing the caps and exclamation points in your title.


A friend once told me: "A lack of planning on your side doesn't mean emergency on my side!"

whew. i came running in with a fire extinguisher. (not arduino based) Thought the forum may have been burning down. Turns out it was just somebody trying to get their homework done.

95% of the time "URGENT HELP!!!" means somebody is late with homework/school project, or they overstated their qualifications to their employer.

The other 5% are late doing their college coursework.

PeterH: The other 5% are late doing their college coursework.

And the remaining 1% are failing math.

Somebody call Jack Bauer!

  1. Getting help on the forum

There are quite a few experienced people on the forum anxious to help you, and help you get as much as you can out of your Arduino. You can help them do that by making helpful posts:

Make an informative subject description, not "help me, I'm a noob", nor something in all capitals. Try to avoid saying "urgent". That's your problem, not ours. Describe your problem in detail. If it relates to an electronics part (chip or board), give the exact part number and preferably a link to the data sheet. Describe how you have connected things like switches. Are they wired to ground? Or +5V? Are there pull-up or pull-down resistors? Post a circuit if there is doubt. Post your complete sketch (program code)! If you don't you waste time while people ask you to do that. When you post your code put it between "code"(see # above) tags. You can do that by hitting the # button above the posting area. If you get an error, post the error (copy and paste). Not just "I got an error". With coding problems, if possible post a "minimal" sketch that demonstrates the problem - not hundreds of lines of code. If you have debugging information in your sketch, post your debugging displays. Describe what you expected to happen, and what actually happened. Not just "it doesn't work". If possible, describe what you are really trying to do, not what you think might work. For example "I am trying to turn on an aquarium heater and pump at the same time", not "how do I break out of an interrupt?". Don't double-post (cross-post). Your question will be noticed. If you post it in multiple places you will just annoy people who might otherwise have answered.


This IRC channel I browse has a script that prevents people from posting if their message has over a certain percentage of capital letters (80% in their case). I wonder if there is something like that for forums.

I don't like the shouting or the urgency but I think the posts are a bit on the harsh side. Murinto92: try talking to your Arduino using an existing program like hyperterminal first. Once you can do that it should be fairly obvious what you need to do from VB.