URGENT HELP "POV - IR Controlled"


it is actually my first time in this forum, and i m new to c programming, so, my project is POV ( Persistence of Vision ) with Infra-Red Control, i downloaded the IR-Remote Library and went on decoding specific buttons addresses, then i wrote the sketch on the photo.
the error is when i reset or turn on the board i keep getting the value of the first click, for example if i click on off ( with this address 0xF4BA2988) first, then volp ( with is address 0x5F12E8C4) i keep getting the first value !
can anyone please help !

Thanks :slight_smile:

You have loops to display each input value 50 times. Why?

well sir, i did that for the POV display, as to minimize the delay ( since i have many instructions inside the main loop, besides that, the displayString function has calculated delay that fits with the motor speed )