URGENT Help regarding arduino and NodeMcu/WeMos

Hey,(Bear with me) Long story short , I had been working on a prototype which basically includes a lot of WiFi communication(multiple devices)..I had been thinking and was pretty sure about using Arduino uno + esp8226 module to do so, but now I am totally confused , many people say that esp-01 doesn't directly work with Uno and I'll need a logic converter ,which are almost as much as arduinos themselves here , Moreover I need to submit this within 10 days for a science fair.The complications with esp-01 are too much and also there is no solid brand in India that manufactures these esp-01 of trustable quality.I dont want to make my project too complicated and thats why I am thinking of using node MCU , which is abundantly available here , I can also consider wemos d1 , but I'll prefer nodemcu if possible , but i have some doubts about it , they may seem foolish but I've gotten myself into so deep I've lost common sense(literally have 37 tabs open searching for these):

1.Will the arduino libraries and code work without any problem on NodeMcu?can they both run on the same language/code? 2.does nodemcu require a 3.3v source or is it compatible with 5v too?CAN I USE A NORMAL POWER BANK TO POWER IT? 3.will the nodemcu also work with certain sensors for arduino(HMC5883L magnetometer to be exact)

Please help

  1. Same code generally works, but many libraries do not work (if they directly interact with the AVR peripherals); in some cases there are alternative libraries designed to run on the ESP8266 w/arduino.
  2. The NodeMCU development board has a 3.3v regulator on board, and so can be powered from 5v USB.
  3. Yes - I think that will work with minimal modification, since the HMC5883 library uses either I2C or SPI (forget which) for which there's a compatible library version supplied with the ESP8266 core.

There's another forum dedicated to Arduino on ESP8266; you should go there for better responses. Around here, we mostly use AVRs (particularly this section)