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I want to use a laser with Arduino Uno R3 . Actually I want the laser to blink .The specifications of the laser are DC Operating Voltage (Typical):5VDC ,DC Operating Voltage (Typical) 250mA.

Can I directly connect laser to the digital pin ?

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Not at 250mA, no you can't connect it direct. You would need a transistor to act as a switch, with the i/o pin on the transistor base.

No, you can’t directly connect, that is too much current.
You can put an N-channel MOSFET between laser - and Gnd and control that with an arduino pin. Look at AOI516 at digikey.com as a good choice:
N-channel MOSFET, logic level, low Rds, low input gate capacitance, thru hole for easy mounting, low cost.
Use a 220 or 250 ohm resistor between arduino pin and the MOSFET gate, and a 10K from the gate to Gnd to keep the MOSFET off when the arduino is being reset or the pin is set to an input.

And btw I was assuming you have a laser pointer with 2 wires, which has some circuitry hidden inside, not a 3 wire laser diode which afaik needs more magic to fire it up.

A Power FET like THIS: See the datasheet etc. on that page.

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Yes , it is a two wire laser . I am using arduino uno . Can I connect laser to drain and also an external power source to the drain while keeping source at ground and the arduino pin connected to gate with 1K resistor.
I have attatched an image please check if the connections shown are correct or not.
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You have drawn an NPN, that would work fine. For N-channel MOSFET, you need a Logic Level part for gate to turn full on with 5V from Arduino. IRF540 is not a logic level part except at very low current levels, like 0.25mA. For 250mA, it needs 10V to turn full on.

So what should the circuit be? I have edited the image which I mentioned in the previous comment. Please do check the modified image and see if any other changes are required ? Please tell the changes required.
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Modified image.jpg

Get a better MOSFET, such as AOI516: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?vendor=0&keywords=aoi516

IRF530 is no better than IRF540 http://www.irf.com/product-info/datasheets/data/irf530npbf.pdf

Thank you everyone. Now I the problem is rectified and I was able to blink the laser with the help of IRF 530. I would especially like to thank ' Cross Roads' . Sir your contribution was really helpful.

I would especially like to thank ’ Cross Roads’ . Sir your contribution was really helpful.

Thank him more by buying a copy of his book 8) (If you’re a teenager, also maybe even if you’re not)