Urgent help with programmation

True, unless you are completely open about using someone else’s code and where it came from, reference it and give credit to the author. Then you won’t be thrown off the course for plagiarism, you’ll just get a low mark.

Be careful about saying things are “Urgent”, when really it’s only your bad time management which has made it urgent. You’ll get help anyway, without implying that everyone has to respond quickly.

Here in the real world, if you have encountered a problem that you thing is “impossible”, then thoroughly document your understanding of the problem, your various attempts to overcome the problem and, in detail why you now know the thing is “impossible”. Most times that will get you a better grade than trying to present your knowledge of a program that you have found somewhere. Would with me, anyway.


This is a programming forum, not philosophy.


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he seems to be asking detailed questions to understand what the code is doing. (yes he starting at a very low level)

if i were the teacher and felt a student was trying to bluff their way through, a few questions (e.g. how would you improve …) would expose a fake.

it’s a learning experience, one way of the other.


i had a student who said i have a job already (contingent on a degree) and need to take your required course, but don’t have time to take it ??? i suggested he try taking the final (which he didn’t) and found money in my lunch bag ??? presumably he got what he deserved

‘Found money in my lunch bag?’ Is that some strange colloquialism I am not aware of? Please do explain.


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When a student posts ‘borrowed’ code, and does not understand what true & false means, they are unlikely to learn all they need to know in 3 days from this forum. They should get to a library (virtual or brick and mortar) and read a C/C++ book to learn the basics, as well as reading all the supplied examples supplied with the IDE.


And the Arduino Reference - Arduino Reference page is only a few clicks away and it includes Arduino specific keywords/statements/functions.

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Well, the OP hasn’t been back for four days. They’ve given up on us (and on the assignment, with a bit of luck).

Thanks for detail it was great &