Urgent: How To Move Servo Motor After 1 Hour

Hey Guys, I am pretty new to the arduino, but from Mark Rober's class I am taking I have been learning more about it. What I am struggling to find anything with is how to move the servo motor 180 degrees after 1 hour. So I need to have a lid to my box close, then that triggers something then after one hour, the arduino makes the servo motor turn 180 degrees. I also would like to use a 4 digit display of showing how much time is left. I dont know if this is possible with an arduino, but I would like to try. Sorry if this isn't enough info or if it is confusing. I'm really new to this and this is my first time looking for something on my own. Thanks for any help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why urgent? What makes You more important, more favourable, than other members?

Well I thought Urgent was just need a response soon and I am new to this website so I didn't know someone would respond this quickly. I just needed a response or help if this was possible within the next 3 days. Sorry If I wasn't supposed to put it.

it is possible

  • after one hour: either use delay(3600000ul); or millis() to measure time passing
  • turn the servo: there is the servo library, it's a simple write()
  • 4 digit display: there are libraries for those too (see this for example)

I suggest you play with each element individually and then put everything together

Okay I will look into that. I am only 13 and I don't know much about code so I'll try and see Thanks

I suppose the most important question is: do you have a servo that actually turns 180 degrees and stops there? Do you have a test program that makes it move 180 degrees and stops? Does your servo begin always at 90 degrees?

So is that a school project that is due in 3 days?

It is a summer class I am taking. It is Mark Robers Creative Engineering

Well I don't need it to I was thinking of attaching a string to it and it would move the door open and close it hard to explain

Look at the first topic telling how to get the best from this forum, what information helpers expect to find.
There are tons of tutorials about having a servo move. Just search for Arduino + servo, Arduino + display, Arduino + timer/timing....
Don't think You will find exactly Your project. That will not happen.
You need to learn reading and modifying code from those areas and build Your project.

Again sorry everyone if I am doing this wrong this is my first question and I am only 13 and I am really new to this

Okay thank you

If you say so! Have you tested the servo to determine if it will work with the string?

No sweat, pal. We all start somewhere. We all make mistaeks.

But... 13 is time to stop saying "only"... :wink:

Good luck! That website looks interesting. Just put in the time and work, there is no instant gratification in engineering.


You would do much better and have more fun if You start playing with microcontrollers at a quite lower level. Blinking a diode was the first I tried on an UNO. Programming for 40 years, the Arduino world was still new.

No not yet but that will be part of the prototyping phase. I am about there but then in the prototyping is when I will see.

Okay thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I have done that I just will need to come up with a new idea if I can't do this which would be fine I guess

Have You been playing with a servo, running it back and forth? If not, do it! It's fun!

Yes I have Its not set up now, but before I had it set up so it moved when there was more light and didnt when there was none