[URGENT] Problem with DrawRect on Nokia5110 LCD

Hi !

Since a couple of days, I work on a counter Geiger for a shield arduino Nokia 5110 LCD. Until now, I didn't meet any problem, until I want to do a kind of horizontal diagram , which represents the ups and downs of the detected radioactivity.

Of course, so I wanted to use the formula myGLCD.drawRect, which is made possible by the library LCD5110_Graph.h. But then, even with this library installed and included in the code with #include,
the program shows me an error message saying :

exit status 1
'class LCD5110' has no member named 'drawRect'

It's been almost an hour since I want a solution , without success , hence my call for help .
I also beg your pardon in advance if the error is evident , I'm "only" 13 years old and very likely much less experienced than many of you. Sorry too for my bad english, I'm French and I already ask this on the French forum but anyone seems to know the answer



#include <LCD5110_Basic.h>
#include <LCD5110_Graph.h>

// initialize the library with the numbers of the interface pins
LCD5110 myGLCD(7,6,5,3,4);
extern uint8_t SmallFont[];
extern uint8_t MediumNumbers[];
extern uint8_t BigNumbers[];

// Threshold values for the led bar
#define TH1 45
#define TH2 95
#define TH3 200
#define TH4 400
#define TH5 600

// Conversion factor - CPM to uSV/h
#define CONV_FACTOR 0.00812

// Variables
int ledArray [] = {10,11,12,13,9};
int geiger_input = 2;
long count = 0;
long countPerMinute = 0;
long timePrevious = 0;
long timePreviousMeassure = 0;
long time = 0;
long countPrevious = 0;
float radiationValue = 0.0;

void setup(){
  pinMode(geiger_input, INPUT);
  for (int i=0;i<5;i++){
   myGLCD.print("COMPTEUR", CENTER,15); 
   myGLCD.print("GEIGER", CENTER,25);
    myGLCD.drawRect(0, 26, 56, 32);

 void loop(){
  myGLCD.printNumF(radiationValue, 4, LEFT, 20);
     myGLCD.print("uSv/h", 58, 32);

  if (millis()-timePreviousMeassure > 10000){
    countPerMinute = 6*count;
    radiationValue = countPerMinute * CONV_FACTOR;
    timePreviousMeassure = millis();
    Serial.print("cpm = "); 
    Serial.print(" - ");
    Serial.print("uSv/h = ");
     myGLCD.printNumF(radiationValue, 4, LEFT, 20);
        myGLCD.print("uSv/h", 58, 32);

    //led var setting  
    if(countPerMinute <= TH1) ledVar(0);
    if((countPerMinute <= TH2)&&(countPerMinute>TH1)) ledVar(1);
    if((countPerMinute <= TH3)&&(countPerMinute>TH2)) ledVar(2);
    if((countPerMinute <= TH4)&&(countPerMinute>TH3)) ledVar(3);
    if((countPerMinute <= TH5)&&(countPerMinute>TH4)) ledVar(4);
    if(countPerMinute>TH5) ledVar(5);

    count = 0;



void countPulse(){

void ledVar(int value){
  if (value > 0){
    for(int i=0;i<=value;i++){
    for(int i=5;i>value;i--){
  else {
    for(int i=5;i>=0;i--){

It's been almost an hour since I want a solution .... but anyone answered me after 3 hours, so I decided to try here.

Moreso than coding, you seem to need to learn some patience. You're asking a fairly specialized question about a library that not everyone uses. It may be a little while before someone comes along that knows your answer.

Hi Delta,

I'm really sorry for this sentence who can be misleading. I don't want to pass for an childish and rude kid who don't know what is patience. I was just pressed, so I showed a little too incivility, but that doesn't mean that I'm am completely stupid. Sorry again, and I'm still hopeless than someone could answered me.

What methods does LCD5110_Graph.h list?


You can find the methods of LCD5110_Graph.h in File > Examples > LCD5110_Graph > Arduino(AVR) > LCD5110_Graph_Demo

In this example, they use DrawRect.

Can you post links to the libraries please.

DrawRect != drawRect

You can find the methods of LCD5110_Graph.h in

. . . in LCD5110_Graph.h