HERE is A following picture of the main circuit and my servo is not working the code is also listed.



THIS belongs Straight to robojax all rights are theirs i was just using their code / circuit thanks!

if you can send me a step by step video of how to do the code thanks!

oh yeah here is the website link. http://robojax.com/learn/arduino/?vid=robojax-servo-push-button

THIS IS URGENT Please AND thankyou


Perhaps it is to YOU. What make you think it is to anyone else on the forum?

Never power a motor or servo from the Arduino 5V pin. It won't work properly, and you can actually damage the Arduino doing so.

Use a separate servo power supply (4xAA batteries works for 1-2 servos) and connect the grounds.

Connecting servos via a breadboard is almost as bad as powering from the 5V pin. You MIGHT get away with it if it is just one very small servo.

There is no code listed that I can see. And it's very unlikely that anyone will want to spend their time making a special video of "how to do the code" just for you. Not even if you do think it's "URGENT".


if you can send me a step by step video of how to do the code thanks!

THIS IS URGENT Please AND thank you

Unfortunately, this isn’t call centre tech support warranty centre.

The nice recommendation was given by somebody … which is… avoid powering the servo from the arduino. Use an external voltage supply for the servo.

It is often better to better to start learning arduino in small steps. Eg. LED blink tutorial. Learn about PWM. Then maybe do tutorials where no switches are used… but teaches how to use an arduino with a single servomotor. You can also separately do tutorials with switches and arduino. In the end … you will accumulate enough knowledge to incorporate them all for a project like this one.