URL Sends Me to the Wrong Place

Whenever i want to PM somebody, or just view someone's profile, I am not able to do this from the Project Hub category on your website. Whenever I click on the name under the project that I am looking at, it sends me to the person's Projects that he has posted, but then I click on the "View Arduino Profile" under the person's profile name, and it sends me to www.arduino.cc website. When I look at the html coding, I see that the URL should send me to the person's own profile, yet it does not. For example, let me use someone I am following, ben-eagan. When i click the "View Arduino Profile" on his project page, it sends me to this link which then immediately transfers me to Arduino's homepage. Please fix this!! :confused:

Also, I am confused on how to view my "buddies"! I researched your forum page and could not find anything on this. Please just tell me how to find my follower(s), as well as the person(s) I am following! Thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is not Facebook nor twitter and the likes...

and don't PM folks unless they say it's OK. Post your questions in the suitable public forum.

for example my signature states: "Please do not PM me for help, others will benefit as well if you post your question publicly on the forums". So please don't.

Yes, I know you don't like PM-ing, however, other people (like me) do. I still want to view the person's Arduino page, you did not answer this question!

This is not Facebook nor twitter and the likes...

Yes, I understand this! but I don't want to post a petty message to the forum just because one person told me not to PM anyone!

Probably bugs if links don't work (may be related to the fact that you have identities on hackster.io that might be different than identity here in the forum)

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