URTouch .addButton( )symbols

I'm working on a universal remote touchscrren sketch and having a problem using symbol bitmaps. I downloaded (various_symbols & TinyFont) font from Henning Karlesons website. Put the file in the proper library, added the name in the definition section of the code but I can't figure out how to call it up.

Changing the "TextFont" worked properly for SmallFont(default) to TinyFont(one I downloaded) Simply set, myButtons.setTextFont(TinyFont); and your good. Likewise for the myButtons.setSymbolFont (various_symbols)

My ? is how to call up the bitmap symbol images either from ( Dingbats1_XL) or from (various_symbols)

This is how the instructions say to use it but it dosnt specify what goes In the "bitmap" part of the expression.

but1 = myButtons.addButton (60,52,200,40, bitmap)

but1 = myButtons.addButton (60,52,200,40, "label") is how you would typically do a button with regular Fonts

Thanks for any help you can give.