URTouch.h - Touch Feature Not Working. (Removed Support?)


I have purchase a 3.2 TFT Screen/Shield.

I am using the UTFT.h and URTouch.h libraries from Rinky-Dink Electronics.

Screen: TFT320QDT_9341
Driver IC: ILI9341

When I load the URTouch example "URTouch_ButtonTest" the display loads with no issues. However when I try to touch the screen nothing happens. I have the same issue with the "URTouch_Calibration"

UTFT myGLCD(ILI9341_16,38,39,40,41);
URTouch myTouch( 6, 5, 4, 3, 2);

I have viewed and read many tutorials using the exact equipment and I do not see where I am going wrong.

I have read on the rinkydink website that since 2018 they have stopped supporting Elecfreak products since they ended a partnership.

Is my purchased shield based of an Elecfreak product? This would explain why the tutorials I have read prior to 2018 have worked.

Is this true? What other libraries can I use?


I do not own any 40-pin ILI9341 displays.
Nor do I own a 40-pin MEGA2560 Adapter shield.

However, most 40-pin displays have the same pinout.
And most 40-pin MEGA2560 Adapter shields route the TFT to the same pins i.e. 22-37, 38-41.
SD card to 50-53
Touch i.c. to 2-7

Which means that UTFT and URTouch examples should work out of the box.

Henning Karlsen seems to have a love-hate relationship with different hardware manufacturers.

I can understand frustration with Sainsmart (who have a reputation to uphold for poor quality)
But quite honestly, most Chinese manufacturers have good workmanship (even if Mcufriend has appalling electrical design)

I suggest that you wait for a day or two.
I suspect that several Forum members have bought the same items as you.

They will be able to report the Touch behaviour. But you can always examine the display pcb. Does it have a XPT2046 i.c. mounted ?


Hey David,

Thanks for the reply.
I just found the solution...and it appears to be a very simple one.

When troubleshooting I did unplug and re-plug all components. However after a few hours of frustration I did it for a second time and it decided to work.

As you mentioned probably a culprit of poor quality with a loose connection etc.

This such a relief, I was getting frustrated watching how easy it was for several other people on the internet.


As you mentioned probably a culprit of poor quality with a loose connection etc.

I said that most Chinese displays were assembled very well.

If you have a "poor quality" tell the shop.
I would expect shield headers to be mechanically robust and electrically reliable.
But you do need to mate them correctly.

Is everything working correctly now ?