URTouch work only Calibration Sketch

Hi all!

I'm using:

Arduino due.
SaintSmart 4.3" LCD display

I import new library into the Arduino IDE:


First i use a URTouch_Calibration sketch
i change the connection like my connections.
I compile and load into the DUE the program and i read all parameters.
Work fine.
I write configuration parameters into the file URTouchCD.h.
Then i'm shure the arduino and LCD and Touch screen are correct connected and work fine.

I load URTouch_Buttons and change the connection like my connections
I run the progragram and the touch screen don't work.
I load other sketch like Paint and Draw but i have same results... don't work.

Any ideas?


i read RinkyDink are in war whit SainSmart....
but i can declare the LCD as CTE and have same problem...
maybe is obbligatory to use only suggested pins from Rinky?

Problem finded and solved.

How do you solve it?