US1440 sensor with Ping))) 28015 Rev C

I am wanting to replace the Transmitter and Receiver sensors on the Ping))) 28015 Rev C from comparing what is says on the Parallax website the US1440 Sensor looks like it might be the right fit.

Has anyone attempted this in the past? Does anyone have any suggestions on doing such a swap.

Replacement Sensors: Ultrasonic Sensors
Main Ping))): PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - Parallax

The end goal is to store the weather sensitive board in a waterproof environment and run leads out to these waterproof sensors.




What I had in the bin was the 2 other sensors from that site link above. The, USTR60-10H and the USTR40-14A neither gave back any data to the Arduino. The readings just 'time out' to the highest height setting. Makes me think the US1440 might not work ugh.

Maybe I am not understanding the whole ultrasonic thing, none of these sensors where labeled as Receiver or Transmitter like the ones I removed from the sensor itself....