USA Import/export issues when making small batches of devices

I am considering making small batches of devices I designed, overseas. I plan to shop for parts at digikey mouser etc. and send the parts over to get the boards assembled. I've never done this in the past. So in a sense I am "exporting' parts overseas, and then "importing" devices (not in enclosures) to the USA. In reality the only things done overseas would be printing PCB and assembling components. Can someone with such experience give me some idea what I am up against? I don't want to pay unnecessary importing and exporting taxes. I have a workshop this summer that needs about 20 devices. I also plan to make 20 for my own classes. I'm still tallying the time it takes me to assembly one device, but it's more than 1 hour of boring work that I'm happy to have others do. On the other hand, I can't spend too much money having them assembled in USA (too expensive unless I make 100 or more).

Can you start the workshop by getting the participants to build their own?

Tom..... :slight_smile:

I don't think so Tom. I am not assuming any participants to know how to solder SMD chips such as the FTDI or ATMEGA1284. I'll probably have to do it myself again.