USART Multiple Sensors Help

Hi! So I am making the PCB for a sensor array using the TSL3301CL sensor, which is a USART (NOT UART) sensor. I have only dealt with UART sensors in the past, and I am not sure how to proceed. Each sensor has SDIN, SDOUT, and SClk pins. My question is, do I need individual connections for each SDIN to the arduino? Or can I just short all of them together? I want them all to be functioning identically. I am assuming that I can connect each SClk together.

Apologies if that doesnt make sense, and much thanks for any help.

I wonder why you are designing new stuff with obsolete components. But they communicate using standard SPI communications. Your limit will be the distortion of the clock signal and likely the data signals. Wire length and wire type will be your limiting factor.

Search the forum for any SPI related threads.