USB 3.0 drivers?

I have a friend with a brand new HP laptop and Windows 8 on it.

It was impossible to install the drivers for Uno 3. The installation process recognize the device as "Ardunio", but the install failes. What I can see is that there is only USB 3.0 on all ports on the laptop.

I have installed units on many other PC's with Windows 8 without problems so I think USB 3.0 is the key.

Can someone acknowledge this? Is there development ongoing to upgrade the drivers to USB 3.0?


Make sure that it is not due to issue described in

Thank you for the link. I’ve read it before but it was stated Windows 8.1 and not 8.0 so we never tested it.

It sure helped. The Uno R3 now works on the USB 3 port as well.

Who is responsible for signing the drivers? Could be in place to sign with a new cerificate.
It’s not easy for a user to make this conclusion if you are not a Windows specialist.

But many thanks!

im using Win 8.1. the driver you have to use (im also using a USB 3.0 port) is a modem one compaq ricochet wireless USB modem. works a treat