USB 32 channel servo drive - help

Ive 32 channel usb servo drive

it was connected to notebook using usb (and a power line connected to 12v line, it has 6.5-12V power line requirement)

I was experimenting with servos, everything was working perfectly

and then I connected one of the servos wrong way around...

"chip" led turned off immediately, now notebook can't see the device, but even when I turn off the device from 12V power supply (btw power supply LED is working) - the board still receives voltage from usb (for example there is 5V power on TXD out) - but chip led won't turn on (and PC can not see the device)

it's obvious I've burnt something (but how? - positive connector on the servo is in the middle right? - how'd i burn the board simply by connecting servo wrong way around?)

but is there a... chance that it's one of the minor parts(or their legs..) and not the chip it self? - and if yes, and this happens a lot - which of minor parts have been fried?

or should I be ordering new board already? :smiley:

don't overlook the possibility that you may have ruined the power supply.

after looking into circuit and voltages in several places - we've discovered that something was "draining" power in all the circuit...

we've tried removing and putting back several suspected items, nothing was changing... until we removed the chip itself

the USB led on board got lit on and everything started to work fine, in means of "proper voltages" in circuit... chip is fried :frowning:

anyone has any idea if it's possible to order the chip itself?

I've asked my arduino friends here to patch a small servo driver, based on Arduino Uno meanwhile...

just for the notice, the thing that got fried is this: (manufacturer on the back side of the board says "torobot" .... )

There are several chips on that board. Which one did you remove?

If you think you can successfully solder a new chip like that ....
and it probably has the special sketch already flashed into it to actually drive all the servos.
You'd have to figure out a way to accomplish that.

I'd pay $42 for a new one, and be more careful next time.