USB 32 channel servo drive - help

Ive 32 channel usb servo drive

it was connected to notebook using usb (and a power line connected to 12v line, it has 6.5-12V power line requirement)

I was experimenting with servos, everything was working perfectly

and then I connected one of the servos wrong way around...

"chip" led turned off immediately, now notebook can't see the device, but even when I turn off the device from 12V power supply (btw power supply LED is working) - the board still receives voltage from usb (for example there is 5V power on TXD out) - but chip led won't turn on (and PC can not see the device)

it's obvious I've burnt something (but how? - positive connector on the servo is in the middle right? - how'd i burn the board simply by connecting servo wrong way around?)

but is there a... chance that it's one of the minor parts(or their legs..) and not the chip it self? - and if yes, and this happens a lot - which of minor parts have been fried?

or should I be ordering new board already? smiley-grin

no need to reply anymore, chip has fried :frowning: