USB 32 Channel Servo Motor Controller servo Driver Board for Arduino support PS2

Hi Everybody,

I have just bought a PS2 controller with a usb 32ch servo motor controller.
The idea was to control the machine I am building right now but I have just realized there is a complete lack of information about this device.
Does anybody have experience to share?
I would like to use the UART interface but if I know nothing about the communication settings I will rather go for something else.


Did you get these devices in the bargain bin at KMart? Or, do you have links to the devices?

Hi Paul, sorry for my late reply but I have been very busy during last two weeks and didnt have a chance to check the forum. I bought the 32ch motor controller from adafruit and that is fine. The PS2 controller I got it from a chinese seller on ebay and didnt get any datasheet or manual with it. I don`t know if that is a clone of another controller or something new, if it is a clone I can probably refer to someone else specification, otherwise I guess I have just throw my money in the bin...