USB and datalogger shield.


I have a project where I need to log incomming data from a barcode scanner. I have a USB shield and a data logging shield. (CS pin10)

The problem I have is that if I put the usb shield on top, the SD card is recognized by the arduino and it has no problem reading and writing to it. But then my barcode scanner does nothing. It seems like it doesn’t even have power.

I have tried putting the usb shield on the bottom, but then the SD card isn’t recognized anymore.

it maybe has something to do with the six pins not connected anymore because the Data logging shield doesn’t have them? (the pins I mean are marked in the attachment.

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what pins are called in your sketch for the SD card ?
what pins are called in your sketch for the bar-code scanner ?
are you using SPI or I2C ? you may be able to use other pins.

As for hardware, the 6 pins are regular pins brought to a single place, they are duplicate so they may be available.

often a shield will have the availability to use an extender to be both male and female.
when you say 'doesn't have them' do you mean no pads/holes or that you have male pins only ?

Post a link to the exact shields you have, hopefully with data sheets. it may be that some pins are not connected and you have to connect them.