USB Arduino Computer Emulation

I am interested in setting up one computer to control another. It would basically be like this project

The video would be handled through some type of video capture, so I am not concerned about that.

The basic setup would be:
Computer 1 <–> USB <–> Arduino <–> Computer 2 <–> Keyboard/Mouse

There are other solutions like Synergy, but I am looking for a more hardware solution.

I have seen a lot of older posts that help, but wasn’t sure if there was common solution to this before I go down the wrong path.

Thanks for the help.

Just curious; what kind of a purpose does the Arduine serves here? Is it working actively and making something usefull, or is it just passing through the data between computers?

Cheers, Kari

The idea would be that on computer 2 you could press a button (like F1) and then all keyboard commands would be passed onto computer 1. But the Keyboard/Mouse would be hooked up to Computer 2 only.

So the Arduino device would allow Computer 2 a way to send/relay USB commands to Computer 1.

Does that help?