USB Behavior...

Behavior of the USB ports has me a bit baffled. The Programming Port (PP) works fine for programming FLASH, and as a "console" port. The Native Port (NP) works fine as a secondary USB serial device. However, the interactions between the two are what have be baffled. If I DON'T connect the PP to my PC, then the firmware does not always start up and communicate through the NP. Plug the PP cable into the PC, and the NP comes up and works just like it should. If I have BOTH PP and NP connected to my PC, I cannot program through the PP, until I unplug the PP USB cable.

How can I get them to behave as two separate, independent devices? I want to operate normally with only the NP connected to the PC, then connect the PP only when I need to do debugging. So far, I've had no luck making that work consistently.

Regards, Ray L.