USB Bluetooth Dongle and Arduino!

Hi everybody,

Now I know there is a lot of information on the internet about connecting Bluetooth modules to Arduino's but I have a question about connecting a Bluetooth dongle directly to the Arduino and if it is possible. Now all the tutorials show that you connect a Bluetooth module to the Arduino with the Grd, 5v, Tx and RX pins meaning there are four connections, now opening a USB cable also shows four cables, a grd, live and 2 data. So is it possible to plug a USB dongle into the female end of the cut USB cable and then attach the four exposed wires to the Arduino like you would with a Bluetooth module on its own? I have tried and failed at it so now wanted some advice?


In order to connect a typical PC dongle, you need a USB host system, not just the four connections, but the software stack that goes along with it. Something like the USB Host shield might allow you to accomplish this, but it would be cheaper and easier to just use a bluetooth module designed for microcontroller serial communication...

Thanks for the reply, I had a horrible feeling it would be due to the extra software required.

So is it something like this that I require?

Yes, that module is designed to work well with MicroControllers without USB Host environments. There are others and it may be worthwhile to continue researching, to find the best match for your particular needs.

Perfect thanks again for the reply. Yea I will look around some more as the hope is to send commands via Bluetooth to my Arduino as to control a homemade robot. However I may have just found another solution as I have an old weather station clock that wirelessly receives the time from a separate thermometer placed out side and I am sure that must work with Arduino some home since the wireless modules look very basic and have three clearly marked cables, ground, power and data.