USB Breakout Problems, USB to Jumper Cables to USB not found on computer

I bought a couple USB breakout boards from a reputable company. My project is to connect a Camera to my computer every 24 hours lets say via an Arduino and USB connected relay and once connected a computer macro will backup the contents of the memory card on the camera, delete it, and then the camera can continue to take pics or videos or whatever (arduino controlled) and not have to worry about running out of memory.

I have ran into a fairly simple problem in the beginning stages. Basically I connected things like this:
Camera → USB Cable → USB Breakout Board -><- USB Breakout Board ← USB Cable ← Computer
When I connect it this way it says USB device not recognized on my computer. Obviously when I connect the Camera right to the computer via USB it finds the device just fine. I am using sparkfun jumper cables to connect the two breakout boards which are these ones

Could the wire or breakout board be to thin of a connection? Any suggestions how I can accomplish a simple connection? After that all I have to do is go to a breakout board with some relays, an arduino, a bit of programming and I am good to go.

are you using twisted pair cable for the signal wire?

I would get out my multimeter and check that you haven't reversed the wiring. That is, pins 1/2/3/4 should go to pins 1/2/3/4 not 4/3/2/1.

No I am not using twisted wire, and i did check with the multimeter and made sure there's both a connection on all ends and made sure to put 4 to 1 etc.

I am not sure if this is my misunderstanding of the way you put it, but pin 1 should go to pin 1 not "4 to 1".

Let's put it this way, and I know some of the USB connectors are so small they are almost impossible to get to the pins inside, but assuming you can:

First measure with a straight cable (the one that works) which pin on one side comes out at which pin on the other, if you hold it a certain way.

Now, with your breakout cable, holding it the same way, make sure the same pins are connected.

the connections were definitely the right way, i even tried it in reverse just incase.

i tried it with my usb headset and it connected just fine. maybe cameras are higher load? i tried it with a usb hub on my vista machine and it would find the device but then it would turn on and off. i think i am getting closer, maybe I just need a really good powered usb hub and cable. Any suggestions?