USB Business Card

There is a ATtiny85 microcontroller on the business card that becomes an USB keyboard pre-programmed to type out text when it detects that CAPS-LOCK has been pressed a few times. It can store about 5K characters using an ATtiny85.

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This is way cool :slight_smile:

Just a comment on SMD soldering. You recommend a very fine tip. I figured that SMD soldering becomes almost trivial with a wide tip if you soak everything in flux before you start soldering. The idea is to put some solder to the tip andjust apply it to the pins. The solder will be wicked to where it belongs. This is almost easier as soldering tth once you get the hang of it.


Thanks for the tip, I have since edited the page to exclude that line about the thin iron tip.

My CapsLocker originally had just the three resistors, but I found pretty quickly that it was too picky based on which computer or hub you were using. My second design has 3.6V zener diodes and seems to work on a lot more computers. Not Macs, though. Capslocker Rebuild |

Yea I ran into that problem, the although the pictures don't show them, the design files I've posted do include the Zener diodes.