USB cable for Fritzing

I'm working on a project and I'm using the Arduino Yun. I'm making my drawings using Fritzing so I can layout the connections for reference. The problem I have is that I want to power the board using the mini USB port and connect a camera to the other USB port. However I can't find a USB cable that I can use for the connection. I see USB connectors but they are just the connectors themselves. Does anybody have a link to download the library? If it's not available, how can I make the connection using the available connectors. When I switch to schematic view, the schematic only displays the microcontroller without the Linino microprocessor nor the USB connections.

Hi, I have the same thought with the usb cable - did you find a solution?

My six sense say you change your USB I mean you buy one new USB connector. May it will be help you.

I look up a lot on google for the solution but haven't found the solution Really to hear from you guys