USB Cable not working

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago I ran into a pretty interesting (and frustrating) issue.
I am currently building a DIY 3D printer using an Arduino Mega 2560. For a while, everything went as it should. But than all of the sudden, my Mega stopped working. I tried a couple of things, such as re-burning the bootloader, re-installing the drivers (it is a clone, so I used the CH341SER drivers) and at last a different USB cable. The only thing that worked, was the USB cable. Logically, I thought to have found the problem: a broken USB cable. I ordered a new cable of 3 meters long (the one that worked was way to short, 30cm). As soon as it was delivered, I went testing. And got the same problems all over again. Just for good measure, I hooked my UNO up to the new cable, which functioned normally.

I did test my new cable with a multimeter, the resistance is 2.5 ohms, and the voltage at the end of the cable is 5.16V.
I also looked in the Device Manager. When I hook up the Mega, an unknown USB device gets registered, with the following error message:

A request for the USB device descriptor failed.
(Code 43)

So my question is, what is the problem? Maybe something wrong with the CH340G chip on my Mega?

With my (slightly frustrated) greetings,

Chinese cables tend to be hit and miss on quality.

I prefer the thicker ones with ferrites on them (usually a bulge near one end)

USB 3.0 ports can be hit and miss so use USB 2.0 ports whenever possible.
USB 3.0 cables have also been show to sometimes cause issue too but less than the ports.

Hi ballscrewbob,

Well, I looked at the new cable, and it has a hi-speed certified USB label on it, and it has been ordered from a dutch website. I already made sure to use an USB 2.0 port (the cable is 2.0 to), and it didn't work.
Thanks for thinking along anyway! :smiley: