USB cable problem?? Do I need to stick to certain "types" of USB cables???

I have a short (2 ft) USB Male A to mini USB male. Plugging it from my white iMac to an Arduino Nano, it works as expected. If I connect this cable and Nano it to a powered USB hub (D-Link DUB-H7), the Nano resets every few seconds, and the Nano isn't recognized in the IDE.

I have 2 other longer thicker USB cables with ferrite cores that work both connected directly to the iMac AND through the hub...

I need to use the HUB to connect 2 Nanos within a project. I know, I could just chalk this up to a bad USB cable, but the thing is... I need to buy 3 more "short" (1 - 1.5 ft) cables for a project and I need to know if I need to stick with certain types of USB cables (i.e. ones with the ferrites)... I hope not, because I haven't found short (and cheap) ones with the ferrites.


What if it is the HUB and not the cable?

quite possible... or possibly even both, to an extent... I just don't know how to track it down... but like I said, I have 2 cables that DO work with the hub... the only difference that is obvious to me is the addition of the ferrite "bead" thing on these 2 cables.

OK... after some more observation... it has to mostly be the hub... I've gotten the behavior to manifest with one of the 2 "good" cables... and also one time I've gotten stable performance from the non-ferrite beaded cable...

but also, WHAT is the "phenomenon" I'm observing indicative of? What's basically happening is the port on the USB hub is shutting down for a second... the light on the actual port goes out during this time...

OK, it has to be a power issue with the HUB... when I unplug the power adapter, even the bad cable starts acting good.... when I plug the power back in, the "bad" cable even stays acting good... I don't get it...

anybody got a suggestion for a small powered 4-port usb hub with forward facing ports?

Just so you know, are known to not work sometimes

frank: thanks for the input...

NEW OBSERVATIONS: I've experiencing the "reset" behavior with the "bad" cable on an Arduino Nano v3.0 (328 chip). However, this "bad" cable seems to work fine with my other Nano which is a v2.3 (168 chip version).

With the v3.0 Nano, I've taken it off of my breadboard just to ensure the breadboard, nor the circuit I was testing were causing the issue... I've also just loaded a "blank" sketch to take s/w out of the equation... still resetting with this cable when connected to the hub.... but again the v3.0 works fine with the other cables.

I just don't have space in my project's enclosure to coil up 3 "long" usb cables (which are the only ones I've found with ferrites).

Step back and think about what ferrite beads do. They choke EMI. Either your power supply lines, data lines, or ground have some noise on them. Also, if a cable has beads on it, it is generally higher quality than one without.

Is the nano resetting because of something on USB or because the voltage is dropping enough to cause a brownout? Use a scope or multimeter to troubleshoot.

James: Thanks for the reply... unfortunately I don't have a scope.. and I don't 100% understand your comment on a possible brown-out. I do have a multimeter, and the voltage from the VBus to ground on the mini-USB pins using the "bad" cable on the Nano V3.0 board is 5.09 V, if that tells you anything... this is the same reading I get with the "bad" cable hooked to the Nano V2.3 board.