USB cable with the SS kit.....too short!

I'd like to buy a longer cable for my Arduino Uno, the one's I see advertised and look very similar are described as printer cables 2m in length, would this be compatible with the Uno?


thanks, but I can see two small probes inside the "printer" cable which doesn't match up with those inside my Arduino cable, are you sure that's not a problem?

I have no idea, I can't see your printer cable!

If it looks like this
Then it is the correct type.

the "printer" cable I view Online (Amazon) shows two tiny probes inside the cable head

Please supply a link, I cannot see your browsing history on amazon!!!!!!!!!!

that one looks better, I'll take another look Online, thanks

this one clearly shows these probes, I'll look for your black cable .....thanks again

could you send me a link to the one you just posted, thanks

They are not probes, they are the metal casing flanges bent over to secure the case to the plastic insert. That cable would be fine.

thanks for your patience, I'll buy them

No problem.

In general, USB cables are highly standardized, and any USB cable with the "Full sized B connector" (as show in missdrew's pic) should work fine. You should be able to find them up to 5meters long.

Some of the mini-connector cables are suspicious - there are "charge only" cables, and assorted versions that have implemented convenience (highly flexible, etc) over full specification conformance, but I don't think I've ever heard of a problem with any of the "old" full-size-connector USB cables.

thanks, hope the one I've ordered isn't charge only and flexible

Come on, edit your post to insert the Web link for that image. :roll_eyes:

I think that the "two probes" that you are talking about are 2 of the 4 contacts of the socket. Note that one is longer than the other so that the power connections make before the data pins.

The picture is wrong though - the longer one should be on the left.

You are right!

I thought the image may have been mirrored, but the USB smbol is the right way round!

Just a badly modeled 3D render!

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