USB Charger Capacitive Touch

I’m making a project using an ESP8266, a 470K resistor (maximum possible for this chip) between two digital pins, powered by Paul Dredger’s Capacitive Sensing library.

I get good readings with a ~10x change in value when touching the sensor when the chip is plugged into my laptops USB, but get less than 1.1x change when the chip is plugged into a wall USB charger, which is how I intend to use this project.

Can someone please help me figure out how I can extrapolate meaningful values using the charger. It would be great if you could also explain to me why this happens :slight_smile: I didn’t expect there to be any difference... Thanks.

Sorry, my crystal ball is out for repair at the moment.

Post a schematic, a picture of your setup and your full code.

// Per.

This would appear to be telling you that the USB charger is particularly well-designed.

Attach (connect) a large metal object- such as a sheet of foil (perhaps of similar size to your laptop!) to the ground terminal of the ESP. :sunglasses: