USB Communication with ATMEGA2560

I'm working on a new project that requires communication from Windows via a C# program to the ATMEGA2560. I have found and reviewed guides online, but, they assumed I was using the actual Arduino Mega 2560 development board. I already know what to do from the programming/C# side of things, not the selection of how to create the USB to serial communication. This would not be on the development board but rather it's own board which means I don't already have a USB communication chip. From my research, I assume that I need a FTDI chip?

Basically, I need help on what hardware component(s) do I need that would be the simplest and best solution to this project.

I would like to connect the ATMEGA2560 via USB internal header pins on a computers motherboard to allow USB to serial communication with the ATMEGA2560. What chip would suit me best for this application?


After some more research, it looks like the FT232RL chip would be perfect for me? I noticed SparkFun sells a breakout board for it, I assume I can follow their schematic ( and integrate it directly into my project instead of using a breakout board?