USB connector very loose when attaching to 4 pins.

Hi, I made this usb connector by myself and since I’m a total noob in electronics I probably did some mistake while making it, because when I attach it to motherboards 4 pin usb connection those black things at the end of the wire (I dont know how to call them in English) are very loose and did not contact properly, I have to hold them with my hand not to fall down. Maybe someone knows there’s a mistake? I mounted those 4 black things at the end of the wires very simply: I bought 4 black things and 4 little metal things that sticks inside of the black one in shop, then soldered a wire inside metal thing and pluged in the metal thing into the black header, it holds on good and doesn’t fall out, but the black header doesn’t hold on on my motherboard pins…

OK, the problem appears to be that you have not fully inserted the socket pins into the black housing - the end of the socket pins are still visible. This would be because you have soldered but not crimped them closed in order that that the socket pin can slide easily into the housing and click in place (you can remove them again if necessary with due care). You need to close the crimp "wings" over the insulation.

If the socket pin is not fully inserted, then it cannot even mate with the pin on the board "header".

Instead of single ones, you can also buy the four-by two housings to match the headers on the board on eBay - though in fact, you can buy the whole cable assembly ready-made for that matter.


The housing does not “hold onto” the pins on the mother board. The female pins hold onto the male pins on the mother board, and the housing just holds them in a line, and keeps things from shorting them out.

Your female pins are not fully inserted into the housing. They need to be pushed farther in, and if put in in the correct orientation, you’ll hear a click as they’re fully inserted.

I’d wager the reason you haven’t pushed them in has to do withe your process for connecting to them. They’re meant to be crimped in place (not soldered!), but you probably don’t have the crimp tool. However, the crimp tool doesn’t just make a connection between the wire and the pin, it also bends over the little tabs on the pins. The two square tabs get bent over the stripped part of the wire - but it’ll go into the housing without doing this - and the two triangular tabs on the wire end get bent around the un-stripped part of the wire. Without bending down that second set of tabs, the pin+wire will not fit into the sockets. If you don’t have the crimp tool, you can bend them over with small pliers and patience.

Another potential pitfall is if you used too much solder, and it wicked into the hole in the female pins, so when you pushed it onto the board, it forced the female pins out of the pin housing.

Thanks for your help, I got it done with your tips. It was my mistake for not pushing it to the point were it clicks :slight_smile: